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Welcome Speech from Our Senior VP, Dr. Zhang
Dear OABC Members,

Welcome to the member center. I would like to take the opportunity to thank everyone for choosing our organic home delivery service. OABC, a constant advocator for ecological civilization, is dedicated to providing you with safer, healthier and more delicious organic produce.

We have grown our organic business since Sept 2005, both in the quantity and quality of organic foods through home delivery service to our members. Our products include organic vegetables, fruit, grains, eggs and milk, etc. Led by chairman Zhang, my colleagues and I, including Dr. Mouhua Shen, Dr. Jianping Xing, senior manager Chengjie Pan, are committed to promoting the development of organic industry in China. We have from the very beginning, adopted strict operational procedures and rigid quality control in establishing and managing organic farms to ensure the top quality of products. Our healthy, safe and delicious organic products received warm welcome and high recognition from our customers. We have become the most popular company providing organic food delivery service after 3 years of rapid expansion. In order to better serve our members, OABC has also constantly improved its services in all breadth and depth such as inviting its members to organic dinner, organic farm visiting and picking, etc.

We believe that our responsibility for ecological civilization is as important as our business goal. OABC is willing to continuously stay predictable and responsible in promoting organic agriculture, in contribution to the healthy agriculture, ecological civilization and fair trade, and for the health and welfare of our generations and hereafter.

Member Activity █ OABC Held Annual Organic Dinner

On the December 18th 2007, OABC Annual Organic Dinner was held in Beijing. The theme for the dinner was “Contribute to Ecological Civilization and Share Healthy Life”. Over 220 guests, including OABC advisors, organic industry insiders, members and major customers attended the meeting and enjoyed the delicious organic foods.

OABC advisers and experts made speeches respectively, including Mr. Xiande Meng, former vice minister of Agriculture of China, Ambassador Mingrong Zou, executive vice chairman of the China National Committee for Pacific Economic Cooperation, Prof. Zuorui Shen, director of ecological health and food safety Research Office for China Agricultural University. They praised the achievements made by OABC over the past years and hope that OABC not only provides the best service of safe and healthy foods for the high-end market but also makes more efforts to the ecological health and social harmony.

Chairman Zhang and Mr. Xiandeng Meng
Mr. and Mrs Zhang, Xiangdong,
Mr. and Mrs. Xu, Yongguang
Mr. and Mrs Zhang, Xiangdong,
Mr. and Mrs. Zou, Mingrong
Some of the other guests attending the 2007 OABC organic dinner are

Mr. Xiande Meng, former vice minister of Agriculture of China

Ambassador Mingrong Zou, advisor of OABC and executive vice chairman of the China National Committee for Pacific Economic Cooperation

Mr. Yongguang Xu, vice chairman and secretary
general of Narada Foundation

Prof. Zuorui Shen, director of ecological health and food safety Research Office,
China Agricultural University

Mr. Liming Zhang, chief editor of Peking University Press

General Weizhong Zhao, volunteer of Project Hope

Prof. Shaobang Kang, executive vice director of the Institute of International Strategic Studies,
the Central Party School of CPC

Ms. Mingyu Chang, professor
of Department for English
and International Studies,
China Foreign Affairs University

Ms. Xiaojia Wang, fifth green ambassador of China Environmental Protection Foundation and director host
of China Beijing TV Station

Member Services

Tel: 400 650 1001
Fax: (010) 64608666
Email: service @AG真人龙虎

We are willing to take any possible steps to ensure our customers with safe, quality and healthy OABC organic produce. OABC members have the following privileges:

  1. Representatives of Customer service for OABC members will friendly and seriously listen and note your suggestions and complaint, and will inform you with our improvement if required.
  2. You can freely choose OABC organic produce from our weekly updated OABC organic Products list
  3. You will invited to OABC Farm visiting and our series of seminars on Organic and Health
  4. You will receive OABC Organic Lifestyle Newsletter for free
  5. You will automatically become member of OABC Eco-friend

To become a member, you simply need to fill out a very brief application form, and please email the completed application form to We will inform your membership application result as soon as we have processed the data.

OABC thinks your privacy is important. Please read our Privacy Protection of our website to learn more about OABC's philosophy and privacy policy.