Quality ControlOrganic Farm
Quality Control

The Criteria for Site Selecting

The farm should be located in area with no pollution sources. The soil must meet and be certified by GB 15618-1995 standard; the irrigation water be certified by GB 5084 standard; the air at the farm be certified by GB 3095-1996 and GB 9137 standards. The farm must keep good records of cultivation and has geographic advantages including latitudes, sunshine and plant varieties.

OABC Quality Control System

OABC has established strict and effective quality control procedures and a product tracking system. There are operational procedures for organic production, internal inspection procedures and quality control concept shared by all staff during the entire operation process. The farms maintain completed and detailed records for the each process from planting, to irrigation, fertilizer application and plant protection so that any period of production can be traced back. Strict control is enforced during the entire process of storage, packaging and transport. OABC farms rely on the precise and efficient management, crop rotation and weeding to maintain and improve soil fertility. The farms also apply physical and biological measures for pest and disease control. OABC staffs have taken technical training courses for organic cultivation supported by OABC's technical team under the guidance of the well-known agricultural experts such as Prof. Zuorui Shen and Prof. Xiangge Du and some other 20 PhD degree holders and postgraduates.

Certification by authoritative organizations

OABC organic farms and products are all certified by international authoritative certification institutions. OABC organic products meet the requirements and the standards by American NOP, Japanese JAS, EU's EEC2092/91 and Chinese GB19630.