BioFach2016| Dr. Xing Jianping and Vice President Zhang Youting made presentations in BioFach World

The 27th BioFach2016 took place in Germany from Feb.10th-13th. OABC organic agriculture team and Mr. Zhou Zejiang from IFOAM participated in the exhibition together and this was another trip for OABC to BioFach in the six consecutive years.


Organic 3.0 was the key word for the exhibition this time. During the opening ceremony, Eva Kjermaly, the Minister of the Danish Environmental and Food Department, gave a speech and the president of IFOAM, Andre Leu along with Dr. Felix Prinz zu Lowenstein, Chairman of Germany Organic Food Sector, revealed the theme of the meeting as "Organic 3.0- Acting for more organic". Christain Schmidt MdB, the minister of Federal Ministry of Food and Agriculture (Germany) also gave a speech at the opening ceremony, he pointed out that organic agriculture has contributed significantly to the entire German food industry, and it has become an important backbone of German agriculture and food industry. As mentioned by Christain, the organic industry has stepped into Organic 3.0 Era, OABC, as a leading company in organic industry in China, has dedicated its work in organic agriculture for 8 years, participated and witnessed the development of Chinese organic industry.


Dr. Xing Jianping and Vice President Zhang Youting gave presentations in Biofach World Discussion representing Chinese organic companies. In 2015, OABC participated in drafting Chinese standard of organic catering (Technical Requirement of Organic Catering), so in Dr. Xing's presentation, she talked about organic catering market in China and predicted that organic catering was one of the most important channels for organic companies to obtain the customers in private market. Vice President Zhang Youting briefly introduced Chinese organic market and OABC gift card business practice. He also shared Chinese organic standard and related regulations to those exporters who would like to introduce their products to Chinese market.  


Beijing Organic and Beyond Corporation (OABC) is recognized as a “Global Growth Company Member” in Davos. As a leading organic food company in China, OABC is committed to organic agriculture, provide worldwide high-quality foods from field to table to our members,respect the value of life, advocate and promote the healthy, appropriate and sustainable life style, and support more and more people to share good life.