2015 Fair Ttrade Reward for OABC organic rice cooperative farmers

In the middle of March 2016, OABC organic rice team went to the cooperatives to give them the annual Fair Trade and Plating Reward. The cooperatives are located in a Korean minority town in Minle, Wuchang City, Heilongjiang Province. 

"Rice Rebate" is a reward that we designed specifically for the concept of Fair Trade. By the end of the harvest season, OABC organic rice team will provide cash back to cooperatives to offer them a more equitable income. OABC also sets up rewards including "Rice Quality Reward". During harvest and storage, the rice team will sample the rice from farmers using scientific method and test on the moisture level, milling rate, impurity content, smell and taste of the rice based on OABC Organic Rice Quality Control Standard. The team will evaluate the samples and give a comprehensive score to each farmer to determine the winner of the reward. In this way, we hope that we could encourage farmers to produce high quality rice and continue on the sustainable planting each year.


In addition, OABC organic rice team and cooperatives discussed and made a planting plan for 2016. And we also provided seeds, organic fertilizer and organic technical support to farmers to prepare for the 2016 rice production.