OABC cooperated with COFCO to introduce Shaoxing Huadiao Wine Quality

On July 11th, 2013, OABC cooperated with COFCO to launch Shaoxing Huadiao Rice Wine. The signing ceremony was held at OABC (Beijing). COFCO Chinese Wines and Spirit Department General manager XIANG Ming, Marketing director ZHOU Wei, and OABC Chairman ZHANG Xiangdong, Executive President XU Xin, Vice President ZHANG Tingting, attended the signing ceremony.

The signing ceremony between OABC and COFCO which introduces Shaoxing Huadiao Rice Wine was held in OABC-Beijing Company.

COFCO is the largest supplier of diversified products and services in the agricultural products and food industry (processing, manufacturer and trader) in Chinaand also is one of the top 500 companies in the world. It is the company makes great effort on the concept of rom field to table to the whole industry chain of grains and oil company. COFCO as the whole industry chain of Chinese food owns a wide range or branded products such as Great Wall wine, Fortune edible oil, Le Conte chocolate, Wu Gu Dao Chang Instant Noodle, HuangZhongHuang Shaoxing Rice Wine OABC is involved in organic agriculture. It is devoted to provide safe, healthy, nutritious and delicious organic food to consumers, advocating sustainable high quality lifestyle, which coincide with COFCO brand culture. OABC cooperates with China's HuangZhonghuang to launch OABC HuangZhonghuang 20 Years- Old Shaoxing Huadiao rice wine. Indeed, their aim is to promote Chinese health culture, to provide consumers a wider variety of products. This HuaDiao rice wine has a light yellow color, heavy fragrance, rich in nutritional value, geographical advantages, a good quality and respects OABC quality control system. The product brew in the traditional way the premium glutinous rice and the excellent water from Jianhu, you will get the perfect color, smell and taste.

COFCO Chinese Wine and Spirits Department General manager XIANG Ming and OABC Executive President XU Xin signed an agreement

Since ancient times, Shaoxing Huadiao Rice Wine and Yangcheng Lake Crab is the perfect match, refreshing glycol of Hua Diao rice wine, crabs fresh fishy plump, warm wine and cold crab create a good balance. Moreover, crab protein which is resistant to digestion it also helpful for compensate for alcoholic effect, it is therefore very suitable to eat together. OABC Suzhou Yangcheng Lake Crab Ecological Aquaculture Cooperatives, have 2,000 acres of excellent water. OABC Executive President Dr. ZHANG Jianwei and OABC Aquaculture Technology staff guides the local farmers in accordance with Water breeds fishes and fishery purifies water ". The Lake Water Purifying Fishery model consists in carry out the production, use of ecological farming model, reduces stock density, and improves Yangcheng Lake Crab quality. AQSIQ (Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine) granted an authorization " the product with Yangcheng Lake crab geographical indication and protection " for OABC Yangcheng Lake hairy crabs general fertilizer, crab paste plump, tender meat, delicious taste, which contain the brand "OABC" confirming the security of the crab buckle.

In autumn, it is the right moment when Yangcheng Lake Crabs meat are delicious and fat. When you marinade the crab in a pot with OABC Huang Zhonghuang 20- Years Old Shaoxing Hua Diao wine, good crab with good wine, you will enjoy the delicious and vintage Huadiao OABC Yangcheng Lake hairy crabs.